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 History & Milestones
  The Group was established at the end of 1989 to engage principally in the construction business involving construction works in commercial, industrial, recreational and residential projects in Hong Kong. The first two building projects were the construction of an 8-storey commercial and residential complex in Discovery Bay and Regency Park (six blocks of 17-storey residential buildings) in Kwai Chung.

With the management's extensive knowledge and expertise in property development, the Group commenced its property business in 1992. Types of businesses included the provision of one-stop project management services, property development, property investment, property agency and management. Hanison Villa was the first major property development project of the Group. Another property development project, Golf Parkview, was bestowed with the Top Ten Flat Layout Award by the Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors in the HKIS Property Marketing Award 2005.

Capitalising on its strength and expertise in building construction, the Group commenced its interior & renovation and building materials businesses in 1997. Through the renovation works for luxury residential properties and educational institutions, and the supply and installation of building materials to reputable developers, the Group successfully broadened its business scope and expanded its clientele.

In 2001, Hanison Construction Holdings Limited was formed and was listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited in January 2002 (Stock Code: 896). Going public gave the Group higher publicity in both public and private sectors.

In 2002, the Group diversified into health products business and successfully secured the sole distribution of Lingzhi Master products from Sun Yat-sen University in the People's Republic of China. The Group also launched its retail health products business in 2003 to provide Chinese Medicine diagnosis service and to sell health care equipments, supplements and commodities as well as beauty care products.

Throughout the years, the Group has grown from a small company with net asset value of HK$5 million at the time of establishment, to a diversified group with net asset value of HK$1,743.6 million as at 31 March 2015.
  The Group commenced its construction business (Hanison Construction Company Limited & Hanison Contractors Limited) in Hong Kong.
  The Group established property development business (Hanison Project Management Limited & Hanison Estate Services Limited)
  The Group commenced its interior and renovation business (Hanison Interior & Renovation Limited) and its building materials business (Trigon Building Materials Limited).
  To further expand its building materials business, the Group acquired Ng Tai Kee Company Limited (now renamed Tai Kee Pipes Limited) to specialize in the supply of piping products.
  Hanison Construction Holdings Limited was incorporated in the Cayman Island in September 2001.
  The Company was publicly listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited.

The Group purchased 74,428 square feet of premise space at Shatin Industrial Centre partly for use as head office and partly for use as rental properties.

The Group commenced health products business by setting up Care & Health Limited.

Care & Health Limited successfully secured the sole distribution of Lingzhi Master, a range of Lingzhi spores products, from Sun Yat-sen University in The People's Republic of China, as well as distributorship for various health products.

  The Group participated in the project management and property management of Qiu Shi Center in Shenzhen, PRC.

The Group acquired Retailcorp Limited to carry out health products business. Retailcorp Limited operates a retail chain store business for health care equipments, health supplements and beauty care products under the trade name of Health Plus.
  The Group established a foothold in the aluminium windows and curtain walls business through the acquisition of Million Hope Industries Limited.
  The new processing plant (Million Hope New-Tech Building Supplies (HuiZhou) Limited) in Huizhou, PRC, for the production of aluminium windows and curtain walls was put into operation.
  The Group set up Collezione Wine Cellars Limited, establishing wine storage, whole selling and retailing services.


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